Ice Capades Videos

1941 – Dorothy Lewis
Ice Capades of 1941 – Dorothy Lewis, from the film: “Ice-Capades”….includes a short pair by Robert Dench & Rosemarie Stewart.

1941 – First Edition

1941 – Red McCarthy

1941 – Belita

Military Precision and Finale: Ice Capades of 1942, as seen in the film “Rhythm Hits The Ice”…..BTW, Our own Lucille Miller is in this number!!

A visit with the stars of the Ice Capades of 1948 at the Pan Pacific auditorium in Los Angeles.

1948 – Ice Aces – backstage at Pan Pacific Auditorium

“Little Foxes” – Precision, Ice Capades of 1954, The Ed Sullivan Show.

Mickey Mouse Club – Ronnie Robertson & Willie Kall

Hugh Forgie & Stig Larson – Ice Capades of 1958, The Ed Sullivan Show.

Freddie Trenkler – Ice Capades of 1958, The Ed Sullivan Show

Ice Capades of 1960, The Ed Sullivan Show Cathy Machado – “Martha”, “Operama II”,.

Showboat  – Alan Konrad, Freddy Trenkler; Showboat production – Ronnie Robertson, Cathy Machado; Cathy Steele, Phil Romayne & Cathy Steele, Ronnie Robertson solo, Robert Paul & Barbara Wagner

1965 – Aja & Tommy, Aja Zanova- solo, Adagio Pair- Eddie McCormick & Nancy Wallace (In for Phil Romayne & Cathy Steele – We came in to see the show in Charlotte, N.C., and as we were friends of Eddie and Nancy, and I was Nancy’s coach, Phil and Cathy gratiously allowed Eddie and Nancy, their understudies, to do the number, that performance.), Tommy Litz-solo, Otto & Maria Jelenik-pair
1965 – Tommy with sound

1965 All of Us – Richard Morse

1960s-1970s Commercials: Friskies to Secret
Ice Blue Secret Commercial – 8:48 mark

1968 TV Special rehearsals for Highlights of the Ice Capades Special – Starring Rowan & Martin, Joannie Sommers & Harper’s Bizarre
Includes Otto & Maria Jelinek, Tommy Litz, Ingrid Wendl, Ann Margret & Billy Chapel, Romayne & Steele as well as some production numbers from that tour.

1969 – Rhapsody for Piano & Ice – Richard Morse

1974 – TV Promo
Ice Capades of 1974 – TV Promo: Featuring the Ice-Capets, as the U. of Texas “Rangerettes”…..Principals: Jo Jo Starbuck & Ken Shelley, Anna Galmarini, Sashi Kuchiki, Peter Gordon & Barbara Wilson, Karen Magnussen, David Sadleir, Susan Harmon & Ricky Reid, Sarah Kawahara, Terry Head, La Brecque & Mac,

1978 – Make a Wish – Highlights of “Ice Capades’” 38th edition (filmed during the January, 1978 engagement in Madison Square Garden).

Ice Capades of 1982, East, “Hello World, Hello!”: “That’s Jazz” – The Ice Capettes & Ice Cadets (

Viva Vegas Viva– Finale

Ice Capades 1982-83
Jennifer Eckman Hollis Rice ICE AGE Good sound w Robert Wagenhoffer

Ice Capades of 1983, East:: Smurfs’ welcome and group precision opening, and girl soloist, Jean Yun; Brad Dowd – comedy send-up of Richard Dwyer (when you’re famous enough to warrant a send-up, it has to be considered a com

Ice Capades 1983 : Paul Heath – solo, Cutter & Coyne – adagio pair in “The Sea Nymph And The Prince” production, (short shots of magic business, etc. in between)…. This video replaces the two earlier separate Paul Heath and Sea Nymph – Ice Capades 1983 videos, in order to correct the faulty sound sync. in the earlier ones….pliment!); “Ice Action!” – special group of 8 strong skaters.

50th Anniversary TV special finale

50th Anniversary Ice Capades History
Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz provides this RARE montage of Ice Capades video… which was originally compiled by the show’s promotional arm under the ownership of Tom Scallen in the early 1990’s.

1985 – Bolero

1985 – Precision

1985 – The Snorks

1987 – Chess – Terry Pagano Kudrna and Tony Paul Kudrna Ice Capades “Chess”

1988 finale

1989 Super Mario at the Ice Capades

1990 – On Top of the World

A trip down memory lane to when Willy Bietak Produced The Ice Capades for many years. A beautiful number by Sarah Kawahara.

Stars of Ice Capades, 52 Edition “ICE CAPADES SALUTE!” Emmy Award winning choreographer, Sarah Kawahara, 1992-93

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Made in America, East Company

1992 – IC Fine Precision Skating – Shirley’s last precision,

Opening – Made in America with Christopher Bowman

2nd half opening – Rhapsody for Piano & Ice

50 Years of Ice Capades video and Memories

Remembering 75 years of Ice Capades

Ice Capades History – Part 1 of 3

Ice Capades History – Part 2 of 3

Ice Capades History – Part 3 of 3

Robert Wagenhoffer Ice Capades Gypsie number East Company

Behind The Scenes
Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz takes an extremely rare and candid look at the Ice Capades from “Behind The Scenes” in this PART ONE portion… interviewing the skaters and production staff. For over 50 years, Ice Capades was synonymous with quality family entertainment – and exceptional Olympic and champion skaters like Dorothy Hamill, Scott Hamilton, Peggy Fleming and many, many more.

Part one -Behind the Scenes –
Part 2 – Behind the Scenes –

Bob Turk
The making of C’est Magique  1994– Lido de Paris – Part 1
The making of C’est Magique – Lido de Paris part 2
Lido – 1994 Finale – C’est Magique!

Military Precision and Finale: Ice Capades of 1942, as seen in the film “Rhythm Hits The Ice”…..BTW, Our own Lucille Miller is in this number!!