Here’s Your Opportunity to Help Continue a Skating Legacy!

Here’s Your Opportunity to Help Continue a Skating Legacy!

By Jan O’Brien Coopman

There is a real need in the figure skating world, and you may help! To join in the goal of continuing the SP-Teri figure skating boot legacy, Olympian, PSA Master-Rated Coach, and new owner Bill Fauver is searching for investors to renovate a weather-damaged manufacturing, storage, and shipping facility.

How this came about

Some years ago, I decided to buy a new pair of figure skates because my former Ice Capades boots were clearly worn. At that time, a skating pro shop employee helped me to obtain a new pair of SP-Teri boots from George Spiteri in San Francisco.

Flash forward to 2010. After a big move from Chicago to Texas, I managed to briefly skate for a sweet 15 minutes at the Dallas Galleria: but that was it. Now at year 17 of MS, I sadly decided to sell my barely used newer skates because I felt it time for someone else to enjoy using them—rather than having the skates adorn my closet in a box. One exploration led to another. I discovered that SP-Teri moved, and George Spiteri retired in 2019.

Three years ago, SP-Teri transitioned in location and ownership from South San Francisco to near Nashville, Tennessee with Bill Fauver. The issue is that the new spot was soon afterward destroyed by a tornado—and then, after relocating to McEwen, further damaged by a historic flood (a state record 31” of rain in 24 hours fell there). Rebuilding will take assistance. If you’re able to help, Fauver and those in McEwen will be grateful (as will many skaters relying upon SP-Teri boots).

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