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Donna Good (Marsden) Campbell

A born athlete from Burnaby, CB, Canada’s Donna Good-Campbell is still a force in the field of figure skating today, as a coach and competitor at the age of 78.  Donna has been part of the Ice Capades West Company in 1957 and 1958, and has spent her life coaching, both at home in Canada as well as in Argentina.

What has become your passion?  Recently the group of skaters I met up with, some still working, and some of us retired, we decided to compete in some adult competitions.  I decided to go for it and entered the Adult Bronze Interpretive Group V.  This group was aged 56-80 yr. age group.  I was the oldest competitor in the Skate Canada Super Series Final at age 77, also after having a total hip replacement.  I was just recovering from the hip at the last reunion, but I did to the Street Dance?

A 2018 Update:

At the Super Series Skate Canada, I won a Bronze Medal, as well as a silver.  I was competing against skaters 18 years younger than my 78 years at that time.

To view Donna’s skating videos, go to:

Donna’s 2020 Update – She’s still skating

Click here to view Donna’s latest program

I recently competed in the World Winter Masters Games 2020 in Innsbruck Austria.  The youngest competitor in some of the sports, skiing, for example age limit is 28 and I think for us it was 30 yrs. of age, the youngest allowed.  I skate with a group of adult ladies who call ourselves Team Okanagan.  There are 10 of us all competing at different levels separated into age groups.  I, of course, am in the most elderly group. It was quite a challenge to do this, but all the younger ones are so gung ho, and I can still skate a bit, so off I went.  I’m not too big on jumping due to the two hips being replaced, and being 80 yrs. of age. 

The team came home with 13 medals!!

I didn’t medal because of not being able to do a qualifying jump, however, I did skate my best.  I trained 3 times/week, and worked very hard to get the program together.  I’m taking a bit of a rest right now, the competition ended on January 19th.  It was quite an undertaking, and I actually met a girl (lady) from New Westminster who at one time trained with my old coach.  So we had a few trips down memory lane.  I’ll enclose my skating video, and maybe send some more photos a bit later.  We skated at the Olympic Arena the WWMGames are like a mini Olympics with all the sports.  This is the first year that Figure Skating has been included. So there were big opening ceremonies, etc. and they are held every 4 years.

Congratulations to Donna and the team.  You inspire us!

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